Fidget/Sensory Blankets by Nazila

I saw how Sensory or Fidget Blankets provide a soothing and stimulating activity for our participants living with dementia or recovering from strokes.

A fidget blanket is a quilt that has several different objects attached to it that stimulate the senior and keeps them focused on an activity and thereby reduce emotional escalation that leads to agitation. It can relieve their boredom too.

The blanket can keep a person busy for quite a while “fidgeting” with all the interesting objects in her lap that don’t fall off. It is similar to a toddler’s activity quilt and you could possibly use one of those too but a more age appropriate version would be more acceptable.

Features you can find on a fidget quilt would be things like different textured fabrics like fake fur, corduroy, suede or lambskin, yarn, ribbons, buttons, zippers, pockets, attached bean bag, buckles, beads, laces, key rings and common household items that can be attached that give different textures and tactile stimulation when touched.